Punisher Review

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The Punisher (2004)
The punisher, based on the most awesome comic book by Marvel. for the first 20 minutes Frank Castle's Family is killed, his character is developed and blah blah blah, the generic bad guys think they kill him, but they don't. Form that point on it is pure ass kicking. Nothing more, nothing less. Frank Castle kills guys with small pistols, big pistols,boiling water, machine guns, knives, trick knives that shoot out of a switchblade, just by beating the crap out of them and by good old blowing them up. And he has a streight buisness way of it. Guy suffering on the ground after being aced, the punisher just walks by and shoots him, dosnt talk to him (dosnt talk much at all anyway) dosnt leave him, just shoots him. The later on he meets some chick and these guys, whatever. Then an enormous russian fellow tries to kill the punisher, but, the punisher once again wins and kills him with boiling water.
At the end of the movie some guy is killed and so are a bunch of cars at a car dealership. (Im not sure what was happening, by this point in the movie my eyes were bleeding from the pure awesomeness)

Bad features of the movie
1.No Pirates (Space or otherwise)
2.No ninjas
3. No vikings
4. No Samurai

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